Balloons, a trampoline and some kiddies means a whole laughter and a whole lot of fun.

As I said before school is almost out and that means we are looking at SUmMER!!

Definitely something to jump around for.

Technically summer holiday is 3 weeks away but we will not hold that against it. We are planning for it.

Thanks, again this year, to Jamaica Parent Magazine we have a very comprehensive list of most of the summer camps that are occurring through out the summer. Yippee.

Click here to see what is being offered.

Here are the ones I am considering:

cooking classes gymnastics Lego yuh mind SAIL JAMAICA SanaaHappy planning for the summer.

Hope you find some to your liking.

Happy June

We always love June here.

Simply because it means that in a month’s time it’s summer holidays! Get the confetti machine ready everyone :D

The excitement is simmering under the surface as we totally disregard the fact that we have to do end of term exams before that happens.

We haven’t been around in awhile what with gsat, after exam fatigue, common flus and all that.

Easter holidays came and went and we have basically laid low. And sometimes that is what is needed.

We also love June is because it is a birthday month :D

The girlies start off the month with their twin birthday. It is always a great day of double birthday blessings. Cake and ice cream is always a recipe for happiness.

So happy happy birthday to the youngest members of our crew.

And to the rest of you, may June be filled with lots of happy ice cream filled moments.

then and now

Earth day 2015

Today, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

IMG-20150303-WA0003Light it up Blue EMD2015

Joining into today to help promote Autism Awareness.

Are you wearing BLUE? We are!!

Even if you don’t personally know someone with autism now, the chance that you will meet, see or encounter someone with autism is very real. About 1 in 68 children have an autism spectrum disorder,  (CDC April 2014), this means that approximately 580 of the 39,350 children born in Jamaica each year will have autism.  Because this condition is 4-5 times more common in boys, 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls born will have an autism spectrum disorder. So this means that approximately 470 Jamaican boys and 105 Jamaican girls will be born with this condition each year.

info flyer kidSeeing that today is about Autism Awareness see some facts about Autism and here is the link to the Jamaica Autism Support Association website.

Hope you Light it Up Blue tonight!

GSAT tomorrow!!

arrrrgggghArggghhh GSAT starts tomorrow.


how did this happen


I want to say that I am just joking but seriously freaking out here, but I am emotional like that and seeing that I can’t let the big girl see me I shall freak out here for 2 paragraphs. And then resume the calmness.

LOL just needed a little dramatic release.

GSAT is tomorrow and I know many of us parents are fighting the urge to do just one more past paper or cram one last equation, river, hero or solar system into their brain but honestly we need to not do that. Poor little brains are totally saturated right about now.

This extra week , though slightly frustrating because of the reason it came about, has proven to be a God sent because most of the children in my daughter’s school seem so much calmer.

So what should we do with them this evening then?

Well firstly if you are like me you have to find a way to temper the anxiety by doing anything that is encouraging and supportive and includes a lot of hugs and reminders of how proud we are of them.

  • It should be an easy evening ( doubt I would lift my no TV ban though)
  • so fun with the siblings,
  • reading a favourite book
  • listen to some favourite music
  • dinner together
  • and early to bed.

I love the tip given by the ScotiaFoundation

Hug them before the exam and hug them after the exam.

At the special devotions given to the grade 6 classes earlier the pastor also spoke about prayer. Praying together and reminding them to say a prayer before, after and during must help to ease the nerves.

Good luck all you Grade 6ers and to you parents.

( attaching the ScotiaFoundation tip sheet )

gsat tips

Weekend time

why 1 is oneI thought this was appropriately funny considering the state of mind that we are in over here.

Happy Jamaica Day to you all.

Have a great weekend

Hey! hey! hello!

It is a good thing that I am not a resolution making person and didn’t resolved at the beginning of the year to post more Kidfriendly posts because I would have never started to break the resolution.

To be honest the Christmas into New Year and now looking at February has been coloured by one thing and one child only and that is GSAT! We have been eating and sleeping, begging and pleading and studying and revising as much as we could all the while trying not to burnout. Yikes!

Was reading some tips on line and they say you should try to make the studying fun…. :S I am not a fun Mum when it comes to studying though I have to work on that. I have been thinking to add little treats and gifts though for each paper attempted and answered correctly. See here for those tips

To keep her balanced though we have insisted on exercise of some form everyday whether it be walking, jogging, bicycling stretching or yoga. One of my friends recommended this online article and I think it is a great way to introduce yoga to the little ones and getting bigger ones. Click here to see the link.  Yoga has been said to be excellent for helping with focus.

And just because I like to share, here are some of the resources we have tried online






For those of us parents ‘doing GSat’ this year wishing you luck and plenty patience and if you are like me with other little ones eager to be entertained remember colouring books and puzzles are like a God sent :D


Oh and if you haven’t been yet you must take the kiddies to see the Jamaica Music Theatre Company (JMTC) Nesta’s Rock. It is awesome. The children always perform their hearts out and it is no different with this production. The set the colours, the direction, the music, the story line – All excellent, excellent!

My children want to see it again but if you remember how this post started then you would know why I haven’t taken them twice. LOL


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

and Have a great weekend.





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