Never realised how long it has been since last visiting here. Oh yikes. But will not dwell on that I am here now.

So we are in a pandemic. This has been a most surreal experience. Having to self isolate with the family. Keeping indoors mostly. Wearing masks outside and amongst persons. Hand washing…. soooo much hand washing. Being afraid to cough…very hard for us being a family of allergy sufferers. Online classes…Urghhhh

Have to be grateful though that it has mostly only been mentally taxing and all of us have been healthy. Ever so grateful for health.

Not saying that I am not overwhelmed with all the daily demands of having the children at home, but I am enjoying having them home. I feel relief knowing that they are safe here at home with me.

We are struggling with the online classes though. I have so many pictures of the twins snoring hard while their teacher is conducting a class on the tablet in hand.( No pictures as they have suddenly become social media shy. Sigh) All four are not the least bit motivated to finish the assigned work and I honestly don’t have it in me to yell at them to do it. I prefer to yell at them to do the dishes and keeping the place tidy. 6 people and three dogs sure can make a mess simply by breathing.

I have actually lost us all to the land of the internet, youtube videos, reader apps and Roblox ( an online game that I may be spelling wrong), which I can’t help but see the irony in considering how adamant I was at keeping them all away from the internet and being super strict about tv time. It all though has kept us all in some manner of sanity.

What has been hard for me, and honestly had me rather surprised at how hard, is the no touching rule of this pandemic. No hugging, no kissing. The rule that my children have been very happy to enforce. I never thought of myself as huggy feely person BUT I REALISE AM!! I really miss the hugs. It has hurt my heart every time I reach in for a hug and get told ‘No Mummy, social distancing!’ No matter how I say but we haven’t left the house so we don’t need to be socially distant they were not buying it. But after three months of being socially distant I happy that 3 well ok 2 of the 4 have relaxed their stance on social distancing. The son has always been socially distant LOL. One of the twins actually hugs now, the other is still NO. And she was the one who gave the most hugs.

correct covid safe hugs

The correct ways to hug in a pandemic. I got this from a friend’s Instagram and she got it from the NYTimes.

Yesterday, the older but smaller twin finally allowed a back to front hug. (the third one) And a kiss on the top of her head. I feel happy.


Be safe. Wash your hands. Wear a Mask. Be socially distant.

Sending a virtual hug to you all.

One would think that this is only a blog about summer! What with the sparse and once a year posts that have been happening. All I can say it’s been for me a rough year or two my mother passed away earlier this year have and left me feeling not very wordy or creative. Such is life.

Soooooo back to my original statement. School is almost out so what are we going to do with the kiddies for the next two months.

For us it’s going to be all about the swimming lessons for everyone and study lessons for the big daughter CSEC next year YIKES!! Where does the time go.

Every year I say this but this year I mean it … Cooking classes have to go on! LOL yes they are all at an age that I think they should be learning how to cook so that I can sleep a little later in the morning. Yeah right like that will ever happen LOL.

Here are some camps and workshops that look so good that maybe more to your liking.

Baking Camp Flyer

delicious occasions 2019

sanaa studios summer

Click on this link that I borrowed from digjamaica.com for some other camp ideas


and also https://www.facebook.com/jamaicaparent/ has so many, many options.

And also don’t be too bothered if you decide a lowkey tv filled summer on the couch is more what your children need LOL.

So many options, so many ideas it is guaranteed that your summer would most definitely be Kid Friendly.