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Talk about a lazy summer.

It seems as if summer is almost half way over and all we have done is crash on the couch!

Oh but let’s talk about how it seems like the year is half way over and this is the first time for 2018 that there has been update. (Insert facepalm here!!)

This year just seemed to have run away from me. It can’t only be me! right?!

Any way if you are like us and have waited until now to decide what to do with the kiddiewinks for the rest of the summer a very dear friend shared with me this PDF filled with camps and schools for all ages some that even go into August.


Honestly we are hoping to have a memory filled summer. Beach, baking and frolics in the sun are all things that we want todo.

So far we have crossed off:-

making cookies without a recipe

running through the sprinkler… this is really an awesome fun activity to cool you off on a hot day. And boy have these days been hot I guess this has helped contribute to the couch potato-ness LOL.

and lots of yell worthy mischief.


Right now we are totally doing the watch tv and merge into the couch thing.

Be good and keep it Kid Friendly.



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How is your summer going?

We are having a quiet, lazy-ish kinda summer and that’s kinda good.

Crazy though summer is almost over so under the quiet I have been gathering up all the school supplies. But shhhhh still have like three weeks to go so SHHHH!

As promised we have hit the pool!


and we had fish at the beach- Fort Clarence to be exact!

And we played a game of Red Light Green Light. This game by the way is an excellent way to get the kiddies off the couch and moving! Great fun playing games with the children that we did as children ourselves.

What have you been up to!

Have a great Kid Friendly weekend.



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Read across Jamaica.

All of this week was dedicated to reading with our children, in schools and at home.

They say that reading to and with your children everyday helps to build/ strengthen  a strong bond with them. It helps boost self esteem and foster communication.

Today, the world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope, pulled into the Cement Factory Pier at Rockfort, Kingston with an expansive selection of 5,000 titles for sale to the Jamaican public at prices below market, as well as access to events on board.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

Entrance: 200 JMD; free for children 12 and under and adults 65 and over. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Check out their Face book page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/1317421571686361/

Have a great weekend all and be sure to read some books and build some bonds :D.

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One of my high-school teachers died last week.

She didn’t teach me personally, but she was one of those effervescent personalities who impacts your day by just being there. The subsequent pictures and memories that surfaced in my alumni’s Facebook groups made me nostalgic for those days and for the teachers who filled my days so many many years ago.

I had some amazing teachers (some not so amazing as well but still memorable if only for their awfulness LOL.)

Sister Angela made me appreciate Arithmetic , Ms. Edwards is instrumental for my love of art, Ms. Malins- Smith for Literature and the love of Atticus Finch in the To Kill A Mocking Bird, Mr. Mallick who  I enjoyed but despised his subject Economics LOL and many more. It been over 30 years since I left that school and it still hold all the memories near and dear to my heart.

My friend’s mother also died recently same week actually. She was also a teacher and the outpouring of love from her past students was heartwarming and touching.

What these two instances have highlighted to me is that teachers are so important, as important as us parents. They help mold us into the people that we grow into being. And it is a testament to their power and their reach when years after leaving school we can remember them fondly.

Who was your favourite teacher growing up?

I am most thankful for my children’s teachers they have so far been blessed with some awesome individuals who for the most part love what they are doing and the children they are doing it with.

Happy Teacher’s Day to you dear Teachers.

May you all make such a positive impact on the children that you take care of every day that many years later you are missed with fond tears and happy smiles.

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A few month ago the following question was asked in the local school challenge competition

Question: “In which Caribbean country did Reggae music originate?”

Answer: “Trinidad and Tobago?”

Quizmaster: Incorrect

The question, first posed to a corporate area primary-level student on Television Jamaica’s Junior Schools’ Challenge Quiz yesterday was then passed to a representative of the opposing team.

Her answer: “Barbados”

Why am I bringing this back up you may be wondering.

Well after I had a  little snicker that the little cuties thought Reggae originated in Trinidad and Tobago and loving that they said Trinidad and Tobago and not just Trinidad as most people tend to. I asked my kiddies if they knew where it originated from cause I knew that they knew the answer and was just curious what they would say. But lo and behold they were like I don’t know, lots of shrugging of shoulders and then big daughter volunteered Africa…which technically is right I guess except for the fact that Africa is a continent and not a Caribbean island at all.

It struck me, it was the word ‘originated’ that was confusing everyone. AND then as a culture even though Reggae music is Jamaica’s national music how many of us introduce it to our children? The children all know that Reggae is the National Music and that Bob Marley is synonymous with reggae. However very few listen to reggae.

Now I don’t understand why Reggae is not introduced in schools, included as fun exercises in the primary/prep and / or  highschool music curriculum.Or why there aren’t reggae writing competitions for young people. But I think ways needs to be found to make reggae music more integral in our children’s lives.

But first we as parents need to peak their interest in Reggae. It was my step- father in Trinidad who introduced my sisters and I to Bob Marley and of course Reggae. So this February Reggae month I attempt to do the same with my four.

I think they need to hear it, we need to talk about it with them and really have them understand that Reggae is their music, that comes from their people. So that there is no confusion if ever this topic comes up again.

What say you? Do you agree or disagree? Will you be reaching for some Reggae music during this month of February Reggae Month?

Hope so.

Happy Weekend all

Hope you have a wonderful KidFriendly Reggae listening time 🙂


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Well this year is just speeding along.

Unreal that we are in February already.

At the end of last year I decided that we should grow an avocado (pear) plant from the seed. It took so long before anything happened and then it slowly but surely the roots started pushing through and then a good while after the stem came and leaves sprouted. The children and I have been mesmerised by the slow but steady growth.


We started the year out, all of us marveling at the beauty of life.

Watching this little plant grow and grow is very similar to watching these little people that I call my children grow and blossom into big people. I know I have a few years until they are really big people but like the little avocado plant they are doing it slow but steady.


These two had birthdays at the end of January. They are now 16 and 14 respectively. Ack when did this happen LOL. Happy Birthday to them. Remember when we started our KidFriendly journey just yesterday they were little bits. But slow and steady is what we are about right?! Sigh.


I know this is a bit late in coming but it is never too late for happy salutations right.

Happy New Year:D

may 2017 be like this sweet little plant and our kiddies full of growth, wonder and steadiness.

Maybe you could grow your own avocado tree, it is really quite doable.

I got the idea from here http://shareably.net/grow-personal-avocado-tree-at-home/?utm_source=scrape&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=scrape&utm_term=pG2LuEGUT8_Tya4FgzmibKkgjrs_0rZ7oZV2Z3CxOzw%3D

Have a great week all may it be Kidfriendly.


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I played this very  cute game with my children. So sweet I had to share it here.

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say. My 7 year olds were quite entertaining! So funny

What is something I say a lot?

NO- Both

What makes me happy?


My Children- C

What makes me sad?

When people die and I know them- Both

How tall am I?

2 inches taller than Daddy- Both

How old am I?

46- Both

What’s my favorite thing to do?

Play with my children- Both

What makes you proud of me?

Kisses from me – C

What is my favorite food?

Doubles- K

Curry- C

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

Pricesmart- Kayla LOL

Do you think you could live without me?

Yes but I would need a picture- K

NO, you cant live without your parent- C

How do I annoy you?

Huh? – K

Kisses- C

What is my favorite TV show?

Anything on Hallmark Channel- K

Cooking – C


Except for the If you could go anywhere question I think my girlies get me. If I can go anywhere it would be to a beach preferably Maracas Beach in Trinidad with Fort Clarence in Jamaica a close second 😀  This is an excellent way to start conversations with the kiddies. You should try it.

If I remember correctly I must have mentioned a time before that I write sometimes about parenting stuff. And this is the magazine that honours me by publishing my words. Please have a look at the latest issue.


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