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Read across Jamaica.

All of this week was dedicated to reading with our children, in schools and at home.

They say that reading to and with your children everyday helps to build/ strengthen  a strong bond with them. It helps boost self esteem and foster communication.

Today, the world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope, pulled into the Cement Factory Pier at Rockfort, Kingston with an expansive selection of 5,000 titles for sale to the Jamaican public at prices below market, as well as access to events on board.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

Entrance: 200 JMD; free for children 12 and under and adults 65 and over. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Check out their Face book page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/1317421571686361/

Have a great weekend all and be sure to read some books and build some bonds :D.


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Halloween is not something that we do here, well not really.


We do like to dress up!


(please excuse the blurry picture :D)

So no we did not go out trick or treating ( I don’t know where they do that here) or go to a party. We just created a fancy sparkly costume all by ourselves and did a mini fashion show and by we I mean her LOL.

The two years prior to this one we actually all got dressed up and went to this Halloween themed party in the zoo called Boo in the Zoo. And both years after grumping to myself that it was too expensive I gave in and took them all nicely dressed and powdered and each time they made me leave within half hour all in tears because they have been totally spooked by the haunted house section or the scary masked man shouting BOO! or the creepy looking Clown guy giving out balloons or the creepy looking Junkanoo big hat man! Geez I wish I had pics of all these characters but alas it was not to happen what with all the screaming petrified children trying to climb all over me. LOL

This year I  did not even entertain them when they started talking about Halloween and dressing up and Boo in the Zoo. Nope nope nope. Hence the decision to dress up any way.

If Halloween is your thing hope you had a great time! Don’t eat all the candy all at once.


Any excuse to do a little craft LOL

Until next time May it be fun and Kid Friendly!




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Balloons, a trampoline and some kiddies means a whole laughter and a whole lot of fun.

As I said before school is almost out and that means we are looking at SUmMER!!

Definitely something to jump around for.

Technically summer holiday is 3 weeks away but we will not hold that against it. We are planning for it.

Thanks, again this year, to Jamaica Parent Magazine we have a very comprehensive list of most of the summer camps that are occurring through out the summer. Yippee.

Click here to see what is being offered.

Here are the ones I am considering:

cooking classes gymnastics Lego yuh mind SAIL JAMAICA SanaaHappy planning for the summer.

Hope you find some to your liking.

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Did you hear or read?

The circus is coming to town- to Kingston that is!!

The children are beyond excited to go to a real live circus.

Clowns, acrobats, a trapeze artist or two. is sure to illicit shrieks of delight from my four.

Me not so much (shhh never been a big fan of the circus)

Though really excited to see it through their eyes.

I thought this printable by Made by Joel was really appropriate considering it’s theme. To get the kiddies even more geared up for next weekend’s foray in the circus. Enjoy!

So are you going?

Apparently the tickets are selling like hotcakes

tickets are available at

• Tastee Jamaica: Morant Bay, Linstead, Cross Roads, Patrick City, Stony Hill, Papine, Portmore, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay.
• Tile City – Constant Spring Road, Kingston
• Be True Children’s Fashion – Loshusan Plaza, Kingston
• Str8 Games – Sovereign Centre, Kingston
• Jamaica Observer – Beechwood Avenue, Kingston

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Happy Jamaica day

Picture just a tad bit burnt out but too cute to discard!

Today is Jamaica day! Did you wear the Jamaican colours?  Well we did and so did lots of many school-going children and a few adults.

I am not Jamaican but I have lived here long enough to feel a sense of great pride  seeing everyone dressed in their Jamaican colours.

Why Jamaica day you may wonder- Jamaica Day is a component of the Culture in Education Programme at the Ministry of Education, and is celebrated annually on the last Friday in February. All the schools are required to celebrate Jamaica Day, and are being asked to include community groups in the day’s activities. (excerpt from the Gleaner.)

The children’s school did a great job and we spent the morning singing, dancing and learning about ‘ole time’ Jamaican articles boy have we come a long way. The highlight of the morning for us at Kidfriendly was the genuine Maroons from Portland who engaged them in a few dance steps. Most delightful.


some of the Jamaican artifacts that were on display!

Hope you had a great day!

Have a great Kid Friendly weeekend!

Oh and if you are wondering what there is to do this Saturday

Bookophilia Saturday Storytime  is featuring Author Sheril Hall. She will be  reading her books “David and his Famous Right Hand” and “The Grumpy Little Ant”! It’s good clean fun with books! Bring the kids by for an extra special storytime. 1pm- 2pm and remember it is free!

and for the little little ones, like my girls, El Centro is having their messy Open Ends art session called Heart to Art Fun. The kiddies will lace, trace, paint, stuff, colour, mix and whatever else possible with hearts as they use them to create art. I think we are going to do this. Fee is $1000 from 10:00 am- 12:00 noon.


Happy Weekend!IMG_4974



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Jamaica has such a rich history of strong men and women who have sacrificed their lives and works for this wonderful land.

Today we celebrate these people for the Heroes that they are: Today is Heroes Day

It is a day when we honour our ‘Heroes’ from the past and…. the present.

(photo from Hope Gardens and Zoo facebook page)


Jamaica’s National Heroes

Nanny of the Maroons, Samuel Sharpe, Paul Bogle, Marcus Mosiah Garvey

George William Gordon, Alexander Bustamante , NormanWashington Manley


Helping the children with their research I have been fascinated by all the stories of these seven heroes. They are all shining examples that one person can make change happen.

Like my daughter I can’t help but have Nanny of the Maroons as one my favourite heroes. I love that there is a strong smart, fearless woman at the base of Jamaica’s history. As I have said before girls need to have positive role models and  Nanny is definitely one.

My second favourite is Paul Bogle. Not many people realise this about him, he was not poor. He was a deacon in a Baptist church, he owned property and was quite successful but he was willing to take a stand for the social injustices of his time and ultimately gave his life. His lesson to us step out of your comfort zone and make a change.

Well that is the message I get from him and what I have passed on to my kiddies.

Hope everyone had a great day, while reflecting on these heroes and the everyday heroes that are around us now.

My heroes!

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We have been bitten by the Olympic fever! Literally!

The children’s cousins are here for the summer so the household of 4 children is now increased to 6.

Of those 6 – four of them have had fever and a cold. Joy Joy! Sleepless nights all round,

and only one child would indulge me in sipping on a cup or two of garlic tea. That is probably the reason he didn’t succumb to the fever. 😀

Anyways back to the Olympics….

Woohoo it is finally here and I am so excited!!

I remember as a child being enthralled by the gymnasts and all the feats they accomplished and of course diving. I couldn’t get into the long jump, high jump or any of the jumps. My appreciation of those track and field events came later in life.

The children not so much. With the distraction of cable television, internet surfing and the beloved computer games they are not really getting into the Olympics and are just coming along for the ride. So far! I expect that will change.

I did have a cheering team alongside me when I changed all the televisions in the house to the local station to watch Alia Atkinson of Jamaica come in 4th in the Breaststroke final.

YAY! Alia you had our household screaming !

Yes we may have gone right back to the cable show of choice after but it was fun.

I know they are all looking forward to seeing ‘the Usain Bolt’ when he races… but then again what Jamaican/ Caribbean/ person isn’t waiting for that 🙂

If you want to increase interest in the Olympics I thought these Olympic colouring pages at WOOjr.com came in very handy.

Olympics is also a great time to discuss the many different countries that are taking part. Been using Google alot to find out about places like Lithuania (The winner of today’s breaststroke race at just 15 yr is from Lithuania) and Palau an island located in  the West Pacific ocean- I had never heard of it before LOL.

And I pulled out one of our favourite Little Lion books- Little Lion Goes for Gold by Kellie Magnus.

Always a great read and perfect when you are trying to foster Olympic fever. ( Also perfect just before sports day! Just saying.)

What were/are your favourite Olympic events?


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