What’s happening?

Nothing new going on here except last weekend these two got the training wheels taken off and in less than a day they are old pros. Hard to believe that just a short while ago they were negotiating their own little feet.pixlr2

With all the sadness of last week with the passing of the young Georgian Dominic James I thought it would be nice to share this happy moment. Tomorrow is not promised so take time daily, hourly to spend time with your people and shower them with love.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

It is beyond me how the entire summer has passed and I haven’t come in to say hello or how you doing?

I guess that old adage time flies when you are having fun is really true.

We didIMG_20160104_120727 have fun although it was a very quiet time. We had oure version of a stay-cation. Mostly had the children’s friends over and played lots of board games. Playing games both outdoor and indoor is really a great summer past time is it not. Lots of chatter and laughter. Definitely the sounds I love to hear.


By the way with the eldest daughter and her friend just turning 13 all of a sudden the conversations were being centered around boys. What?!! What?!! Very interesting turn of events. What ever happened to Dora or Jesse? sigh

We dipped in the pool and swam in the sea and honestly if it was up to all of us this parent included we would have summer holidays all year round. But alas all good things must come to an end and this week school starno to school copyts through out Jamaica.

School starts on Wednesday for my Kiddies so we still have a few more days to squeeze some holidays out of.


Do you do anything differently to get your kiddies ready for Back to school?

We kinda do.

Not so much this summer because everybody is a little older but I usually start by sending them to bed a little earlier each night so that by the first day of school they are back to their regular sleeping times which helps with waking up to get ready for school.

Also I start throwing in educational elements into their play, we practiced writing by making ‘word art’ of a bible verses on kindness. ( They were being a bit mean to each other so I figured a lesson in kindness was necessary)

I start talking about school two weeks in advance, even though like them I wish I could stick my head in the sand like an ostrich, reminding them about friends and mention all the fun good things that happened during the year. Seeing the new books, art supplies and stuff is also very exciting so I milk that.

Even though holidays are good and relaxing it would be good to be back on a schedule and not have to entertain little people all day. And before we know it would be Christmas.


Have a great KidFriendly week. Happy Back to School week



Last week was the official launch of summer and the two youngest are literally counting down the days just 2 till school is out and then they can yell yay it’s summer!!!!

I couldn’t help myself I had to include Olaf’s rendition …. teehee


For all of us who are still wondering what to do with all of our eager to be out of school cause I want to watch tv all day kiddies Jamaican Parent Magazine was once again awesome enough to compile an extensive list of summer camps schools etc

Click here for the awesome list.

And if you have a child or know a child with special needs here is a list of camps that are specially designed for them

Because I am on this kick that the children need to learn skills that would help them later on in life I am positively enamoured by this cooking camp/classes by Delicious Occasions.

cooking classes

Have you been watching Young Chefs  on TVJ every Sunday we are loving it.

Also considering this one cause well we do have a lot of girls in our household.

girls who code


Enjoy the rest of the week and hoping it is fun filled and Kidfriendly!

It is unbelievable to me that it is exactly a year since the big daughter was with us biting out nails and pulling out hairs as we prepared for, sat and then waited for GSAT results. WOW our new highschooler is seasoned now! Grade 8 here we come.

Oh I got carried away, this post is actually about the current GSat takers. Results are out and passes have been issued.

And all I want to say is

YAY Congratulations to them all.

You did it!

Another GSAT exam has been survived and conquered by them!







mother's day too

Like a jet plane streaking through the sky this year has been streaking by at an incredibly rapid speed. I am blown away that it is March already. Were we not just ringing in the New Year 2 minutes ago? WOW

Our housekeeper of 11 years left us in October to take care of her ailing mother and I have been underwater ever since LOL.

Not having an inclining of a domestic bone in my body it has been interesting to say the least doing all the cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing. So sufficient to say certain things have had to take the back burner. Updating this space is one of them. Not because I didn’t have things to share but basically finding the time is hard.

So what does this have to being kidfriendly?

Recently I had my eldest daughter help me hang some laundry on the line and it was almost comical her reaction. As any typical teenager would she was grumping and moaning about being made to miss a show, that as far as I knew she had seen at least 10 times already, when she looked at me with all seriousness and said “but Mummy I don’t know what to do.” I was aghast.

But reality is she hasn’t known life without a housekeeper or a Mummy for that matter who does all of those things like washing and cleaning. I instantly had a flashback to my own childhood when our housekeeper/nanny at the time (my mother was a working single mother) told me that there were certain things that all children especially girl children need to always know such as making up your own bed and folding up your own clothes. And me grumping and moaning about the injustice of it all.

Of course she was right. Because we may think that we will always be around or that they would get a housekeeper of their own. But there are going to be situations when they are going to be on their own and not know what to do. Such as college, when they move out initially or on that day that the parents are too sick too move for a week hey it is not far fetched remember Chik V.

So now all four of my kiddies have chores.

Simple ones:- washing the dishes, folding up their clothes, sweeping ( still working on this one LOL ), setting the table and clearing the table, tidying up of their rooms and living room, feeding the dog and even the older two have learned how to cook one thing. The hope is that they could at least hold their head above water later on in life. And not be like me. LOL.

Not surprisingly they have all adapted to these new chores and actually seem to enjoy them. Yes I was shocked myself. If you are wondering what is considered age appropriate chores for your kiddies I thought this page helpful. Click here.


Making pancakes from scratch all by herself

Here’s to seeing more posts as I have my helpers in place to help with the chores freeing up my time a tiny bit.

Have a great weekend all. And remember keep it Kid Friendly 😀





What a crazily absent year it has been for us here at KidFriendlyJA but 2015 has been good. Intense, full of studying, stressing, some ChikV symptoms and plenty changes but still good.

May 2016 be even better. And may we find lots of opportunities to be KidFriendly.

Wishing you all all you wish for 2016.