I played this very  cute game with my children. So sweet I had to share it here.

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions and write EXACTLY what they say. My 7 year olds were quite entertaining! So funny

What is something I say a lot?

NO- Both

What makes me happy?


My Children- C

What makes me sad?

When people die and I know them- Both

How tall am I?

2 inches taller than Daddy- Both

How old am I?

46- Both

What’s my favorite thing to do?

Play with my children- Both

What makes you proud of me?

Kisses from me – C

What is my favorite food?

Doubles- K

Curry- C

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

Pricesmart- Kayla LOL

Do you think you could live without me?

Yes but I would need a picture- K

NO, you cant live without your parent- C

How do I annoy you?

Huh? – K

Kisses- C

What is my favorite TV show?

Anything on Hallmark Channel- K

Cooking – C


Except for the If you could go anywhere question I think my girlies get me. If I can go anywhere it would be to a beach preferably Maracas Beach in Trinidad with Fort Clarence in Jamaica a close second ūüėĬ† This is an excellent way to start conversations with the kiddies. You should try it.

If I remember correctly I must have mentioned a time before that I write sometimes about parenting stuff. And this is the magazine that honours me by publishing my words. Please have a look at the latest issue.



12 days till Christmas


Can you believe its 12 days until Christmas!!! Are you ready?

I found it necessary to do a countdown with my troupe cause for some reason they were not getting it through their heads that Christmas is not tomorrow. Talk about excited. (Although this year I am a bit of a grinch myself poor kiddies)

I really like the Christmas countdown Advent Calendars that people on the net do every year but for some reason I find it hard to stick to an entire month so we usually do something for the 10 days before Christmas. Hopefully by then I would be in the spirit. LOL Baking cookies and putting up lights and buying a tree usually gets me going and I know that it does with my four as well.

The teenage daughter is totally in the Christmas spirit for two reasons: School went on holidays for her today and well she discovered Pentatonix and their Christmas album so she is all happy and Christmasy.

Here’s to counting down and having fun.

Love these ideas for Christmas Advent calendars  We did a variation of the envelope calendar one year.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/33-clever-and-adorable-diy-advent-calendars?utm_term=.hqwYZawA7&sub=1891038_719091#.cyZaZDd4e

Have a great Kid Friendly week!


Last week  was a good week.

The kiddies collectively showed me how sometimes the person who is afraid and putting limitations on them is ME the parent and not them.

The big son has been going to karate for awhile now.adam

And we have successfully dodged grading two times already … he was away for one and missed the second. I honestly was relieved cause I find the karate training is too rough and also I was sure if he would remember all the moves necessary to move up a grade. Well boy did he show me. He wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t afraid and if he messed up it didn’t keep him down. He passed his grading and has moved up to a white and yellow belt… no I do not know what that means LOL. I am so proud. and well he is tickled pink.



The little girls are… okay make that were finger /thumb suckers.

no-thumb-suckers-hereThey both successfully kicked the habit and got the certificate of achievement and trophy to prove it.  Because they were such avid suckers finding any excuse to stick those fingers into their mouths: Oh I am hungry; But I am tired; I was watching t.v.; But I have nothing to do. I really really thought they would put up a fight but it was the easiest thing ever. After the first day of tears and  of how will I sleep without my fingers they never looked back not slipping once. I will admit we had help.

with-auntie-traceyI have taken all of the children to Tracey McNair, Orofacial Myologist, Finger sucking specialist aka The Tooth Fairy. If you have a stubborn finger sucker she is excellent at shocking your kiddie into action with her enthusiasm and then supporting them on their journey to be finger free.


So as I said a great week! The kiddies proved to their mother that she worries to much and that they are quite capable.

We have a yellow and white belt AND there are no more fingers suckers in this house!!


How was your week? And how is this week going?


List and things

Excited to be visiting here more often.

It’s weekend time and with Christmas right around the corner …teehee there is sure to be many things to be done.

My kiddies have written and re-written their Christmas wish list. And boy are those lists long! I keep having to remind them that there is no guarantee that they would even get one of the items on their list. My crew don’t really believe in Santa Clause cause they know that we the parents/grandparents and aunties buy all the presents but that doesn’t stop me from reminding them to be good or else they would get coal wrapped as a gift. (Nevermind I would not know where I would find coal in Jamaica LOL)

We are looking forward to this this weekend. It is usually a delightful mix of cultures and colours. I enjoy having the children taste the different foods and snacks.

Layout 1

What are your plans for the weekend! Hope you enjoy it all… in between the homework of course



Halloween is not something that we do here, well not really.


We do like to dress up!


(please excuse the blurry picture :D)

So no we did not go out trick or treating ( I don’t know where they do that here) or go to a party. We just created a fancy sparkly costume all by ourselves and did a mini fashion show and by we I mean her LOL.

The two years prior to this one we actually all got dressed up and went to this Halloween themed party in the zoo called Boo in the Zoo. And both years after grumping to myself that it was too expensive I gave in and took them all nicely dressed and powdered and each time they made me leave within half hour all in tears because they have been totally spooked by the haunted house section or the scary masked man shouting BOO! or the creepy looking Clown guy giving out balloons or the creepy looking Junkanoo big hat man! Geez I wish I had pics of all these characters but alas it was not to happen what with all the screaming petrified children trying to climb all over me. LOL

This year I  did not even entertain them when they started talking about Halloween and dressing up and Boo in the Zoo. Nope nope nope. Hence the decision to dress up any way.

If Halloween is your thing hope you had a great time! Don’t eat all the candy all at once.


Any excuse to do a little craft LOL

Until next time May it be fun and Kid Friendly!




What’s happening?

Nothing new going on here except last weekend these two got the training wheels taken off and in less than a day they are old pros. Hard to believe that just a short while ago they were negotiating their own little feet.pixlr2

With all the sadness of last week with the passing of the young Georgian Dominic James I thought it would be nice to share this happy moment. Tomorrow is not promised so take time daily, hourly to spend time with your people and shower them with love.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

It is beyond me how the entire summer has passed and I haven’t come in to say hello or how you doing?

I guess that old adage time flies when you are having fun is really true.

We didIMG_20160104_120727 have fun although it was a very quiet time. We had oure version of a stay-cation. Mostly had the children’s friends over and played lots of board games. Playing games both outdoor and indoor is really a great summer past time is it not. Lots of chatter and laughter. Definitely the sounds I love to hear.


By the way with the eldest daughter and her friend just turning 13 all of a sudden the conversations were being centered around boys. What?!! What?!! Very interesting turn of events. What ever happened to Dora or Jesse? sigh

We dipped in the pool and swam in the sea and honestly if it was up to all of us this parent included we would have summer holidays all year round. But alas all good things must come to an end and this week school starno to school copyts through out Jamaica.

School starts on Wednesday for my Kiddies so we still have a few more days to squeeze some holidays out of.


Do you do anything differently to get your kiddies ready for Back to school?

We kinda do.

Not so much this summer because everybody is a little older but I usually start by sending them to bed a little earlier each night so that by the first day of school they are back to their regular sleeping times which helps with waking up to get ready for school.

Also I start throwing in educational elements into their play, we practiced writing by making ‘word art’ of a bible verses on kindness. ( They were being a bit mean to each other so I figured a lesson in kindness was necessary)

I start talking about school two weeks in advance, even though like them I wish I could stick my head in the sand like an ostrich, reminding them about friends and mention all the fun good things that happened during the year. Seeing the new books, art supplies and stuff is also very exciting so I milk that.

Even though holidays are good and relaxing it would be good to be back on a schedule and not have to entertain little people all day. And before we know it would be Christmas.


Have a great KidFriendly week. Happy Back to School week