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Can you believe its 12 days until Christmas!!! Are you ready?

I found it necessary to do a countdown with my troupe cause for some reason they were not getting it through their heads that Christmas is not tomorrow. Talk about excited. (Although this year I am a bit of a grinch myself poor kiddies)

I really like the Christmas countdown Advent Calendars that people on the net do every year but for some reason I find it hard to stick to an entire month so we usually do something for the 10 days before Christmas. Hopefully by then I would be in the spirit. LOL Baking cookies and putting up lights and buying a tree usually gets me going and I know that it does with my four as well.

The teenage daughter is totally in the Christmas spirit for two reasons: School went on holidays for her today and well she discovered Pentatonix and their Christmas album so she is all happy and Christmasy.

Here’s to counting down and having fun.

Love these ideas for Christmas Advent calendars  We did a variation of the envelope calendar one year.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/33-clever-and-adorable-diy-advent-calendars?utm_term=.hqwYZawA7&sub=1891038_719091#.cyZaZDd4e

Have a great Kid Friendly week!


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