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Halloween is not something that we do here, well not really.


We do like to dress up!


(please excuse the blurry picture :D)

So no we did not go out trick or treating ( I don’t know where they do that here) or go to a party. We just created a fancy sparkly costume all by ourselves and did a mini fashion show and by we I mean her LOL.

The two years prior to this one we actually all got dressed up and went to this Halloween themed party in the zoo called Boo in the Zoo. And both years after grumping to myself that it was too expensive I gave in and took them all nicely dressed and powdered and each time they made me leave within half hour all in tears because they have been totally spooked by the haunted house section or the scary masked man shouting BOO! or the creepy looking Clown guy giving out balloons or the creepy looking Junkanoo big hat man! Geez I wish I had pics of all these characters but alas it was not to happen what with all the screaming petrified children trying to climb all over me. LOL

This year I  did not even entertain them when they started talking about Halloween and dressing up and Boo in the Zoo. Nope nope nope. Hence the decision to dress up any way.

If Halloween is your thing hope you had a great time! Don’t eat all the candy all at once.


Any excuse to do a little craft LOL

Until next time May it be fun and Kid Friendly!





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