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Can you believe its 12 days until Christmas!!! Are you ready?

I found it necessary to do a countdown with my troupe cause for some reason they were not getting it through their heads that Christmas is not tomorrow. Talk about excited. (Although this year I am a bit of a grinch myself poor kiddies)

I really like the Christmas countdown Advent Calendars that people on the net do every year but for some reason I find it hard to stick to an entire month so we usually do something for the 10 days before Christmas. Hopefully by then I would be in the spirit. LOL Baking cookies and putting up lights and buying a tree usually gets me going and I know that it does with my four as well.

The teenage daughter is totally in the Christmas spirit for two reasons: School went on holidays for her today and well she discovered Pentatonix and their Christmas album so she is all happy and Christmasy.

Here’s to counting down and having fun.

Love these ideas for Christmas Advent calendars  We did a variation of the envelope calendar one year.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/33-clever-and-adorable-diy-advent-calendars?utm_term=.hqwYZawA7&sub=1891038_719091#.cyZaZDd4e

Have a great Kid Friendly week!


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So how was it?

Christmas was a whirlwind of happiness. Isn’t it always.

The anticipation, the exhilaration of opening of gifts, the warmth and joy of spending time with family.

The laughter, the giggles and delight. Yes this Christmas season was truly a delight.

We made pastelles this is kind of like “Blue drawers” except with meat as the filling or like a patty with a cornmeal crust- it is a favourite Trinidadian Christmas dish.


My friend who made the whole pastelle making process possible.


Four happy kiddies as they opened up their gifts that we were fortunate to provide.




Actually playing together and sharing their toys



Yes it was a great season… and so happy that we have until January 6th before it is fully over. 😀

So how was it for you?


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Our wish for you and yours this Christmashope love joy


Merry Christmas from our KidFriendly Family.

Hope it is happy and filled with family love and togetherness.


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It seems like I blinked and all of a sudden it’s just 8 days till Christmas.

Hope all your preparations are going great!

I have started this post so many times it is hilarious… but we were busy busy but nice busy.

Of course we had exams as I told you before.

Then there were rehearsals and more rehearsal for the school concert.


                     The son actually sang with the choir but all my pictures of those were terrible

And in the middle of that there was the school Christmas Bazaar day,




                    Nothing beats a good sno-cone on a hot hot  bazaar dayIMG_3684
                                            A bounce in a ball pit


                      and a dunk in the dunk pool. Bazaar day was a blast!

a Christmas social, the girlies Christmas concert


                                         Feeling a bit camera shy before the concert


                but totally enjoying performing Jingle Bells with her jingle bells 😀

and of course a picture with Santa.


Christmas is truly my favourite season of the year.

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Merry Christmas

The countdown to get this point was excruciating

and then it is no longer one more day but it is the day!

Christmas day and then before you know it the gifts have been open and the children stand knee high in a kind of a daze, themselves startled at how quickly the gifts have been opened and the paper had been shredded.

Hoping everyone had a great day filled with family, good food and lots of love.

Merry Happy Christmas to you all.

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Well we have been busy over here… but definitely not doing any exciting Kid Friendly stuff.

Nope we have been busy in the land of long division, highlands and lowlands, fractions and oh yes collective, abstract and common nouns.

Being a kid is tough, but luckily Christmas is right around the corner!

I did the math and there are only 30days until school goes out for Christmas holidays over here WOOHOO! (I still can’t believe how quickly it has come this year!) Christmas is our all-time favourite time of the year. Ok so it is my favourite time of the year and the children just get to come along for the ride.

Anyway next week is exams for us so this weekend will be filled with lots of revisions and cramming. Yes I know they are only 10 and 8 but it is our reality.

Also going on this weekend:

Both events would probably see us there.

I am especially excited by the book launch we love Jamaican author Kellie Magnus children’s books here.

And we are also thinking to put up the Christmas lights! What do you think too early?

What are your plans for this weekend? Would it possibly include a restaurant outing for Restaurant Week?

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The Christmas Holidays are officially over….

School started back Thursday with a few long faces and one or two pouts

Only to be chased away with the sight of friends that were missed.

Christmas was a whirlwind of activity for us as in most household

what with shopping, cleaning, polishing, cooking and wrapping

But we did get a few fun adventure and activities done 🙂

We made fanciful princess skirts and had a delightful romp

So that we could create our very own special Christmas cards.

Then we put pen to paper and traced out our hands and lo and behold we had sparkly Christmas wreaths to put put up on the walls.

And last but not least we took a break with a friend and indulged in the delight that is Devon’s House iScream

Oh yumm!

Oh yes Christmas was grand.

And this year will be sweet as well !

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