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What is your most favourite part of Christmas?

I asked this question to my children recently and was tickled by their responses.

The son quickly blurted out “The lights Mummy I love the lights.”

to which the daughter interjected “Hey what about the presents! You can’t forget the presents!”

Of course they forgot to mention that it is Jesus’ birthday LOL

But can’t hold it against them because  I have to say that Christmas would not be Christmas with out the lights (well these days anyway)

We went prowling for lighted areas recently

there wasn’t as much lighted spots as they used to be

however what was lit was really sweet!

Emancipation park was our favourite.

We also love the tree at Stella Maris Church, the parking lots of Lane and Liguanea Lane and the outside of Sovereign Mall.

(Lights as we driveby)


My most favourite part of Christmas in Jamaica

The very real pine tree that is gracing our living room.

Oh it looks fabulous and smells great.

This year we got a 6fter, it is so cool that this house allows for such a tall tree.


And talking about smelling great

we actually tried for the first time ever gingerbread cookies.

They taste great… even though the icing doesn’t look that shocking.

It was lots of fun ( when I wasn’t being a Type A personality and making the daughter wash her hands every two minutes LOL)

Baking with children is very interesting and you do require a different level of tolerance… well I do anyway


So what is the your favourite part of Christmas in Jamaica?



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And what did I say about Fun days?

Well Christmas Bazaars are super duper great as well.

Went with the children to theirs and what a blast they had.

It was fun

It was hot.

There was bouncing

There was climbing

There was whole lot of face paints

There was even a train and a bull!

and there was snow cone !

Don’t you wish you had one right now!!

Christmas bazaars mean two things

1) That school is almost on vacation


and more importantly or just as importantly

2) Christmas is right around the corner


Besides the usual Christmas fare of family, fun and food do you have any special plans for the Christmas holidays with your children?

Still thinking of my plans though I know it would include some cool crafts need to keep those idle hands occupied lol.

Have a great week full of family adventures!

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Last month was Parents month

And as all of you know the US is now coming off of  a season of  being thankful-Thanksgivings.

So isn’t it fortunate that my daughter found a way to tie in the two!


From my sweet girl- I translate,

Thank you for being so and caring.

Thank your for loving me

Even when I make you angry.

Thank you for smiling

Everytime I succeed.

Thank you for being my parent,

the best that one could have.

Don’t you just love the spelling on this one- Beautuful.


It is a beautiful thing when you are grateful for what you have and give thanks

and it is even more beautiful when you realize that you have passed it on to your children.


I always love Thanksgiving even though it is not a Jamaican or Caribbean holiday,

Thanksgiving to me is always the precursor to Christmas.


The best time of the year.

A time of thanksgiving, sharing, lights, family oh and of course and gifts 🙂

Who can forget the gifts 😀

Christmas is the best time for family togetherness!

The children and I look forward to stringing the lights throughout the house

and finding a place to ‘stuff’ Christmas in every available nook and crannie that it will fit.

Oh and sorrel  and cake yumm

We even appreciate the slight chill in the air.

Yeah it is safe to say that we are looking forward to Christmas which is only 23 days away WOW time sure flies.

This year I hope to really introduce the Christ part of Christmas to the children.

By either doing this or this or a combination of both

Promise to share what and how we do it by the end of this week.


If you are looking for Christmas cards we have a few for you to consider:

Here are three cards currently on sale by

The Step Centre- A school for Special Needs children

The Handpainted and the Jonkanoo designs were designed by students of the school.

$60 per card.

All proceeds go towards this wonderful school one of the few in Jamaica that caters the the student with special needs…offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, sometimes speech therapy and education to children who can’t fit into the regular school system.

If you are interested in other Christmas cards from the Step Centre visit www.thestepcentre.com.


So what gets you most excited about Christmas in Jamaica?







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