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How is your summer going?

We are having a quiet, lazy-ish kinda summer and that’s kinda good.

Crazy though summer is almost over so under the quiet I have been gathering up all the school supplies. But shhhhh still have like three weeks to go so SHHHH!

As promised we have hit the pool!


and we had fish at the beach- Fort Clarence to be exact!

And we played a game of Red Light Green Light. This game by the way is an excellent way to get the kiddies off the couch and moving! Great fun playing games with the children that we did as children ourselves.

What have you been up to!

Have a great Kid Friendly weekend.




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Early breakfast in bed

the morning spent  playing in the sand at the beach, feasting on fish certainly made for a Father’s Day well spent and enjoyed by all.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled love-filled Father’s Day.

Have a great week!

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