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List and things

Excited to be visiting here more often.

It’s weekend time and with Christmas right around the corner …teehee there is sure to be many things to be done.

My kiddies have written and re-written their Christmas wish list. And boy are those lists long! I keep having to remind them that there is no guarantee that they would even get one of the items on their list. My crew don’t really believe in Santa Clause cause they know that we the parents/grandparents and aunties buy all the presents but that doesn’t stop me from reminding them to be good or else they would get coal wrapped as a gift. (Nevermind I would not know where I would find coal in Jamaica LOL)

We are looking forward to this this weekend. It is usually a delightful mix of cultures and colours. I enjoy having the children taste the different foods and snacks.

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What are your plans for the weekend! Hope you enjoy it all… in between the homework of course




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Hey! hey! hello!

It is a good thing that I am not a resolution making person and didn’t resolved at the beginning of the year to post more Kidfriendly posts because I would have never started to break the resolution.

To be honest the Christmas into New Year and now looking at February has been coloured by one thing and one child only and that is GSAT! We have been eating and sleeping, begging and pleading and studying and revising as much as we could all the while trying not to burnout. Yikes!

Was reading some tips on line and they say you should try to make the studying fun…. :S I am not a fun Mum when it comes to studying though I have to work on that. I have been thinking to add little treats and gifts though for each paper attempted and answered correctly. See here for those tips

To keep her balanced though we have insisted on exercise of some form everyday whether it be walking, jogging, bicycling stretching or yoga. One of my friends recommended this online article and I think it is a great way to introduce yoga to the little ones and getting bigger ones. Click here to see the link.  Yoga has been said to be excellent for helping with focus.

And just because I like to share, here are some of the resources we have tried online






For those of us parents ‘doing GSat’ this year wishing you luck and plenty patience and if you are like me with other little ones eager to be entertained remember colouring books and puzzles are like a God sent 😀


Oh and if you haven’t been yet you must take the kiddies to see the Jamaica Music Theatre Company (JMTC) Nesta’s Rock. It is awesome. The children always perform their hearts out and it is no different with this production. The set the colours, the direction, the music, the story line – All excellent, excellent!

My children want to see it again but if you remember how this post started then you would know why I haven’t taken them twice. LOL


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

and Have a great weekend.




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1. Load up on park snacks


2. Noise markers- horns, air clappers are a must. Also grab a few flags.


3. Allow them free reign on the camera


4. Take wild crowd pictures with them


5. Pose with large statues.


6. Take picture with CPLT20 mascot


7. Get airbrushed as well


Do all of those and you should get some 6s.



Last Sunday we headed off to see the Jamaica Tallawahs take on the Trinidad Red Steels in the Caribbean Premier League T-20 our older 2 and their 2 cousins… and I have to admit with some level of trepidation.

4 children under the age of 12 and none of them the least bit interested in cricket yup just a little bit nervous.

But it turned out great they appeared to have a good time and they only started to ask to leave in the middle of the second half of the game so just had to stall them an hour.

It was great fun introducing them to the fun side of the sport.


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A few summery things

Looking through some of our photos from last year ‘summer’ I realised that we did some fun things (what else is new here right LOL) that I never shared here. Oops.

Sharing it here now because we are hoping to do quite a few of the same things this year as well.

Last year summer we:

Had a full house we had these two with us. And yay they will be visiting us again.


There was also lots of tree climbing, bike riding and outside play.



We hit the pool



As I have said this before- there is nothing to me that says summer more than children splashing and shrieking in delight at a pool.

We chatted with peacocks, parrots, ostriches, flamingos, scarlet ibises and deers at the zoo.


At one point that were 14 persons under our roof 😀




The zoo has changed a good bit since last year. This year we are super excited to visit Lucas the Lion. Oh and the entrance fee has gone up a bit. It is now $1,500 for adults and $1,000. We wouldn’t be visiting as often as we use to it is now a bit pricey for my large family. (Think the price hike is necessary though because all the renovations are so awesome.)


We went to the music exhibition at the Institute of Jamaica it ou was fascinating. If you have the time you should take the kiddies to one of their exhibits.





(Didn’t take pics of  the instruments strangely enough)

And of course the beach- Fort Clarence and some fish.


These holidays would be awesome if we only did half of the these thing. And we shall.


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Did you hear or read?

The circus is coming to town- to Kingston that is!!

The children are beyond excited to go to a real live circus.

Clowns, acrobats, a trapeze artist or two. is sure to illicit shrieks of delight from my four.

Me not so much (shhh never been a big fan of the circus)

Though really excited to see it through their eyes.

I thought this printable by Made by Joel was really appropriate considering it’s theme. To get the kiddies even more geared up for next weekend’s foray in the circus. Enjoy!

So are you going?

Apparently the tickets are selling like hotcakes

tickets are available at

• Tastee Jamaica: Morant Bay, Linstead, Cross Roads, Patrick City, Stony Hill, Papine, Portmore, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay.
• Tile City – Constant Spring Road, Kingston
• Be True Children’s Fashion – Loshusan Plaza, Kingston
• Str8 Games – Sovereign Centre, Kingston
• Jamaica Observer – Beechwood Avenue, Kingston

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IMG_5879 IMG_5880  IMG_5890 IMG_5888











And just like summer holidays has started.








Goodbye goes the school books, the test and the threats

and hello to the ease that the next  2 months brings of loose schedules and fun filled and quite possibly lazy days.

I asked the children today what was on their wish list for summer and it is as follows:

Going to the movies

Becoming a teenage mutant ninja turtle

Visiting Grandma, ok going to the pool by Grandma, unanimously decided by all four

Going to the zoo to see the ostriches, the crocodiles and the monkeys.

Translated this means we will be doing some dress up, plenty swimming and splashing and going to the zoo! Yay

It also means lots of painting and messy fun! double yay.

Mixed in with all the fun I am hoping to keep up with some revision so wish them luck. LOL wish me luck!

Summer school is definitely in the plan and maybe a camp. Fortunately Babeelicious has put together a list of summer camps that will be available, click here if you are wondering what is available.

Also see here and here .

This weekend FunFest looks like it would be fun








and did you know that Hope Zoo finally got their lion! I am so excited that I believe that this weekend we will be striking off Going to the Zoo from the list!

Have a happy fun-filled KidFriendly weekend.

Happy Summer 😀


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Early breakfast in bed

the morning spent  playing in the sand at the beach, feasting on fish certainly made for a Father’s Day well spent and enjoyed by all.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled love-filled Father’s Day.

Have a great week!

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