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How is your summer going?

We are having a quiet, lazy-ish kinda summer and that’s kinda good.

Crazy though summer is almost over so under the quiet I have been gathering up all the school supplies. But shhhhh still have like three weeks to go so SHHHH!

As promised we have hit the pool!


and we had fish at the beach- Fort Clarence to be exact!

And we played a game of Red Light Green Light. This game by the way is an excellent way to get the kiddies off the couch and moving! Great fun playing games with the children that we did as children ourselves.

What have you been up to!

Have a great Kid Friendly weekend.




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I don’t know why but something about children splashing gleefully in the pool for hours on end just screams summer to me.

It just makes me smile.

Mind you no one was smiling more than these three.

Can you believe these are their first floats? Talk about no fear they kept wanting to go to the deep. Looks like swimming lessons are in order.

Many of us will be travelling with our kiddies for the summer.

I haven’t travelled with all four children by myself yet!

And the last time we all flew together it wasn’t pleasant with sick children and all so not looking forward.

When it was just the older two, I would take everything and the kitchen sink with me.

To ensure that we all got to our destination in one piece LOL.

Things that I always always make sure to take with me are extra clothing. It comes in handy for the ‘unexpected’ spills and accidents.

The special blanket, doll, teddy that has to be a part of the carry-on

and of course something new to open on the plane, whether it be a new book or toy.

Renee of KidnPlayJa put together her list of must haves when travelling with a toddler earlier this year and I thought it was worth mentioning again. Click here to read her list.

Everything on her list and my suggestions can be easily adapted for the older child as well because at the end of the day it is about ensuring that the children are properly entertained and nourished through out the flight so that everyone leaves the plane without losing their minds.

Whether you are travelling or just watching the kiddies splashing around in a pool
or sitting in a wonderfully air-conditioned room watching a DVD

Do hope the kiddies are making you smile!

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