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Read across Jamaica.

All of this week was dedicated to reading with our children, in schools and at home.

They say that reading to and with your children everyday helps to build/ strengthen  a strong bond with them. It helps boost self esteem and foster communication.

Today, the world’s largest floating book fair, Logos Hope, pulled into the Cement Factory Pier at Rockfort, Kingston with an expansive selection of 5,000 titles for sale to the Jamaican public at prices below market, as well as access to events on board.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

Entrance: 200 JMD; free for children 12 and under and adults 65 and over. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Check out their Face book page for more information https://www.facebook.com/events/1317421571686361/

Have a great weekend all and be sure to read some books and build some bonds :D.


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Today, September 8th, is International Literacy Day.

Encourage reading:

read to your children,

have them read to you,

make reading fun for them see reading_tips_flier from the Ministry of Education.

take them to bookreadings so that their love for the written word can be stoked.

We have become fans of Bookophilia’s Saturday Reading Time.

Every Saturday at 11am

The children sharing a chair in the bright and read worthy children’s /reading room at Bookophilia one Saturday ago.

listening intently as Renee Lindo of KidnPlayja.com read three books during Bookophilia’s storytime.

This Saturday, September 10th in honour of International Literacy Day Bookophilia will be having a special reading of Clifford the Big Red Dog from 11am-1pm. This promises to be a real treat. Bookophilia summer reading list is very good so all the more reason to carry it on after summer see here

Become a fan of  Kid Friendly Jamaica on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kid-Friendly-Jamaica

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Recently I sat in on a presentation on publishing- Caribbean Publishing 2.0: Digital Opportunities for Publishing and Selling Books.

Who knows  I may feel inspired to write a book and publish it some day.

It was a very interesting presentation

They spoke about the shift from the actual book to the virtual

Which is  made so much easier with the Ipad, ibook and the Kindle.

They spoke about the possibility of getting more readers for your virtual book than through traditional means.

It was even boasted that soon the virtual book could replace the actual book and become the king book ( ok that is my wording)

And though this makes for a very interesting time for the self publisher

I really hope that the virtual book never actually  replaces the actual book.

It would be sad if the young of this world were to miss out on the delights of a book.

The way it feels

The turning of it’s pages,

The way it smells both old and new

The images that it causes to form in your imagination

The many worlds and characters that you get to explore .

Yes it would be sad if we let the Kindle or the Ibook  replace the book

Because at the end of the day to me the virtual book is no different than a portable television

Which is entertaining but no match for the imagination of the unchartered mind of the young.

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