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A few month ago the following question was asked in the local school challenge competition

Question: “In which Caribbean country did Reggae music originate?”

Answer: “Trinidad and Tobago?”

Quizmaster: Incorrect

The question, first posed to a corporate area primary-level student on Television Jamaica’s Junior Schools’ Challenge Quiz yesterday was then passed to a representative of the opposing team.

Her answer: “Barbados”

Why am I bringing this back up you may be wondering.

Well after I had a  little snicker that the little cuties thought Reggae originated in Trinidad and Tobago and loving that they said Trinidad and Tobago and not just Trinidad as most people tend to. I asked my kiddies if they knew where it originated from cause I knew that they knew the answer and was just curious what they would say. But lo and behold they were like I don’t know, lots of shrugging of shoulders and then big daughter volunteered Africa…which technically is right I guess except for the fact that Africa is a continent and not a Caribbean island at all.

It struck me, it was the word ‘originated’ that was confusing everyone. AND then as a culture even though Reggae music is Jamaica’s national music how many of us introduce it to our children? The children all know that Reggae is the National Music and that Bob Marley is synonymous with reggae. However very few listen to reggae.

Now I don’t understand why Reggae is not introduced in schools, included as fun exercises in the primary/prep and / or  highschool music curriculum.Or why there aren’t reggae writing competitions for young people. But I think ways needs to be found to make reggae music more integral in our children’s lives.

But first we as parents need to peak their interest in Reggae. It was my step- father in Trinidad who introduced my sisters and I to Bob Marley and of course Reggae. So this February Reggae month I attempt to do the same with my four.

I think they need to hear it, we need to talk about it with them and really have them understand that Reggae is their music, that comes from their people. So that there is no confusion if ever this topic comes up again.

What say you? Do you agree or disagree? Will you be reaching for some Reggae music during this month of February Reggae Month?

Hope so.

Happy Weekend all

Hope you have a wonderful KidFriendly Reggae listening time 🙂



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