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Hey it is Summer time.

(Will Smith is always my favourite)

Yay. As you all know it is our favourite time of the year.

Looking forward to plenty water fun, board games, movie nights and relaxation.

But first we are all going to summer school.

The children are not overly excited by this but hey sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do.

What are you doing with your sweeties?

If you still  haven’t decided here are a few of the many different camps that have been compiled by many different sources. I of course had to share with you all.

Summer Activities 2017 SUMMER CAMP 2017

Bold Camp 2017 (1)
















These are the ones that I am interested in for my kiddies.

Have a great weekend all.



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Or as they call it over here Summer School

Summer  as I said before is a wonderful time of fun, play and sun that children start looking forward to from the last day of  the last summer.

Summer though is usually a daunting time for parents… with the question on their mind being

“what to do to fill all this hours to keep away the dreaded cry of ‘I am bored’ ”

Great invention the summer camp- organised play means children are occupied for hours and out of our hairs for a few hours


Not that we don’t love having the honeys around it is just easier if they have themselves some thing to occupy them LOL

Luckily most schools offer some kind of summer school, summer programme or summer camp.

But if you want your child to take a break from their school compound and give their creativity and imagination a boost then

Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts offer a fun-filled creative programme to capture the creative imaginations of children and teenagers  alike.  From July 5- July 30


The National Gallery of Jamaica along with The Multicare Foundation also offers an art summer camp on 12 Ocean Boulevard

may be good options.

(will add more as the week goes along)

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