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How is your summer going?

We are having a quiet, lazy-ish kinda summer and that’s kinda good.

Crazy though summer is almost over so under the quiet I have been gathering up all the school supplies. But shhhhh still have like three weeks to go so SHHHH!

As promised we have hit the pool!


and we had fish at the beach- Fort Clarence to be exact!

And we played a game of Red Light Green Light. This game by the way is an excellent way to get the kiddies off the couch and moving! Great fun playing games with the children that we did as children ourselves.

What have you been up to!

Have a great Kid Friendly weekend.




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Hey it is Summer time.

(Will Smith is always my favourite)

Yay. As you all know it is our favourite time of the year.

Looking forward to plenty water fun, board games, movie nights and relaxation.

But first we are all going to summer school.

The children are not overly excited by this but hey sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do.

What are you doing with your sweeties?

If you still  haven’t decided here are a few of the many different camps that have been compiled by many different sources. I of course had to share with you all.

Summer Activities 2017 SUMMER CAMP 2017

Bold Camp 2017 (1)
















These are the ones that I am interested in for my kiddies.

Have a great weekend all.


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It is beyond me how the entire summer has passed and I haven’t come in to say hello or how you doing?

I guess that old adage time flies when you are having fun is really true.

We didIMG_20160104_120727 have fun although it was a very quiet time. We had oure version of a stay-cation. Mostly had the children’s friends over and played lots of board games. Playing games both outdoor and indoor is really a great summer past time is it not. Lots of chatter and laughter. Definitely the sounds I love to hear.


By the way with the eldest daughter and her friend just turning 13 all of a sudden the conversations were being centered around boys. What?!! What?!! Very interesting turn of events. What ever happened to Dora or Jesse? sigh

We dipped in the pool and swam in the sea and honestly if it was up to all of us this parent included we would have summer holidays all year round. But alas all good things must come to an end and this week school starno to school copyts through out Jamaica.

School starts on Wednesday for my Kiddies so we still have a few more days to squeeze some holidays out of.


Do you do anything differently to get your kiddies ready for Back to school?

We kinda do.

Not so much this summer because everybody is a little older but I usually start by sending them to bed a little earlier each night so that by the first day of school they are back to their regular sleeping times which helps with waking up to get ready for school.

Also I start throwing in educational elements into their play, we practiced writing by making ‘word art’ of a bible verses on kindness. ( They were being a bit mean to each other so I figured a lesson in kindness was necessary)

I start talking about school two weeks in advance, even though like them I wish I could stick my head in the sand like an ostrich, reminding them about friends and mention all the fun good things that happened during the year. Seeing the new books, art supplies and stuff is also very exciting so I milk that.

Even though holidays are good and relaxing it would be good to be back on a schedule and not have to entertain little people all day. And before we know it would be Christmas.


Have a great KidFriendly week. Happy Back to School week



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Teehee it’s summer!!!!


Well we have been on holiday for 3weeks now and I would love to say we have been doing a whole lot exciting things but not really the last two terms have been such a whirlwind that we have been keeping quiet and sleeping in.

One of the joys of summer has to be sleeping in. Not having to wake up early is so wonderful.

Sayonara alarms!!!

Although the big daughter is in summer school, she does start high school in September, so alarms still sing albeit later. Doing a happy dance all the same the big daughter is going to high school.

wish list

This year we put together a ‘Summer Wish List’. Not surprisingly, watching television ranked high for all four of my kiddies LOL! What was surprising is the fact that they all wanted to learn to cook something whether it was pancakes, brownies or RIBS!!! Turns out the son is a big fan of ribs…. just have to find some beef ribs strangely enough they are not that easy to find here.



If you are only now interested in getting the kiddies doing some activity like me jamaicanmommies.com also has a very comprehensive list of camps, workshops , fundays etc. Take a look just touch the link.



I have been writing this blog for the about 3 weeks. Can you tell that I have been having a really hard time getting things going over here. Teehee.


I know most Six Graders (well their parents) have officially picked up their packages and are now officially Grade Seven aka High Schoolers but I cant not say CoNGRATULATIONS to them all this GSAT thing is no fun and everyone of them worked so hard. So….


We did make it to the beach. Isn’t it just something that we live where others vacation. Not quite Fort Clarence close to there it is call The Boardwalk. Delightful little slipe of beach. Have a great week everyone.

at the beach

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Balloons, a trampoline and some kiddies means a whole laughter and a whole lot of fun.

As I said before school is almost out and that means we are looking at SUmMER!!

Definitely something to jump around for.

Technically summer holiday is 3 weeks away but we will not hold that against it. We are planning for it.

Thanks, again this year, to Jamaica Parent Magazine we have a very comprehensive list of most of the summer camps that are occurring through out the summer. Yippee.

Click here to see what is being offered.

Here are the ones I am considering:

cooking classes gymnastics Lego yuh mind SAIL JAMAICA SanaaHappy planning for the summer.

Hope you find some to your liking.

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The big daughter wasn’t joking when she said she didn’t want to do anything for the summer and she wanted to sleep late to bout.

So I allowed her that  last week.

Pure laziness with a playdate thrown in made her a happy camper.


In the midst of all that laziness we did get  to make some mess craft. And as you may know we do like to craft. We played with paint, glue, markers, scissors and chalk.

The girls converted some paper plates into some very interesting looking elephants.


The big daughter was in full princess mode as you can see from the crown perched on her head ever since she got it.



I loved that even though they sat together while painting they were not in the least bit influenced by the others art.

They indulged in some bird watching. They spied this baby bird hidden in the bushes ( it looks like the poor thing fell out of the nest.)


Sidewalk chalk to the rescue! It was a great excuse to get all three out of the house and doing something. Pink dusted hands were just a side effect. The proud smiles too.

And who knew that a pair of child-proof scissors and a scrap of paper could be so captivating to a pair of toddlers. I wish I knew about this when helping with homework with the older ones and fending off little ones wanting to be attentioned. LOL.

Seriously they sat quietly for almost an hour snipping away at the paper!

As threatened, this week the big daughter enjoyed her mornings at the Sanaa Studios making jewellry! Being the girlie girl that she is, she is over the moon.

How is your week going so far?

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It’s summer time

it’s summer time

it’s summer time

and finally school’s out!

At last it seemed that the end of school couldn’t come fast enough.

My children are looking forward to a grand ole lazy summer holiday where the days meander slowly along as they lounge on the couch overdosing on television punctuated with some computer time.

HA! they clearly haven’t met me.

I am looking forward to days filled with bike rides, cousins coming for a long long visit, shell collecting at the beach, splashing in the pool, swing races as they fight to touch the sky, frisbee throwing with the dog, bubbles blowing, large outdoor painting, messy days, quiet reading books day, making new friends at camp.

Trying new things is on the agenda for the summer.

All over the blogosphere there are summer list suggestions aimed at injecting a huge dose of fun into your summer.

I like the free download at http://justcallmechris.blogspot.com

I especially want to try to organise a mini Olympics with my crew, in honour of the actual Olympics that we are all looking forward to this summer. I have visions of balloon races, silly sprint races and good ole speed race.

I love some of the simple items on the list like tic tac toe and doing puzzles, both activities that are good fun yet also continue to work the noggins.

You could download her list here or here.

Or you and your kiddies can sit together and plan out your own list and put it together in microsoft word.


My kiddies would probably simply go to summer camp at their school for a week or two if we do go to camp at all. If you are still looking for ideas of what to do camp-wise with your kiddies. I always like Sanaa Studios Kid/ Teen summer workshop.

For a listing of most of the camps available for July and August I think KidnPlayJa.com did a fabulous job of compiling the summer camps. Click here and see for yourself.


Have a great weekend!

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