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Last week  was a good week.

The kiddies collectively showed me how sometimes the person who is afraid and putting limitations on them is ME the parent and not them.

The big son has been going to karate for awhile now.adam

And we have successfully dodged grading two times already … he was away for one and missed the second. I honestly was relieved cause I find the karate training is too rough and also I was sure if he would remember all the moves necessary to move up a grade. Well boy did he show me. He wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t afraid and if he messed up it didn’t keep him down. He passed his grading and has moved up to a white and yellow belt… no I do not know what that means LOL. I am so proud. and well he is tickled pink.



The little girls are… okay make that were finger /thumb suckers.

no-thumb-suckers-hereThey both successfully kicked the habit and got the certificate of achievement and trophy to prove it.  Because they were such avid suckers finding any excuse to stick those fingers into their mouths: Oh I am hungry; But I am tired; I was watching t.v.; But I have nothing to do. I really really thought they would put up a fight but it was the easiest thing ever. After the first day of tears and  of how will I sleep without my fingers they never looked back not slipping once. I will admit we had help.

with-auntie-traceyI have taken all of the children to Tracey McNair, Orofacial Myologist, Finger sucking specialist aka The Tooth Fairy. If you have a stubborn finger sucker she is excellent at shocking your kiddie into action with her enthusiasm and then supporting them on their journey to be finger free.


So as I said a great week! The kiddies proved to their mother that she worries to much and that they are quite capable.

We have a yellow and white belt AND there are no more fingers suckers in this house!!


How was your week? And how is this week going?



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